Lol this is a website

This is a website there are many like it but this one is mine

Get Rick Rolled

you just got rick rolled and now you're sad you just realised that 5 seconds of you life have been wasted looking at this website in this time you could have taken a bite out of a donut or a sip out of a coffe cup. the time is still running 15 seconds in you are probably staring at this guys failed gramar. now 20 seconds in you could have done something more productive mabey start up the xbox one, finnish half of that donut, drink some of the coffee. now 25 seconds left that is 0.416666 percent of a minute you have wasted reading this paragraph. at 30 seconds in that is half of a minute you wasted you could have started a video game you could have thought of a cure for cancer but instead you are wasting it reading this website. now 40 seconds in you have wasted two thirds of a minute even looking at this website makes you bored now you are probably scrolling to the bottom of the page to see how long this is. but there is no prize no fire works for finnishing this website. you are probably stumbling over this guys fialed grammar and is probably taking longer than the acutal time this website stated it to be. now one minute in you could have